Gun Raffle to benefit Wings Flights of Hope @ The Wings Meeting Place 3964 California Rd Orchard Park

March 11, 2017

Tickets are $20 Please call 716-667-0815 for tickets

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the planes?

Volunteer private pilots that volunteer for Wings Flights of Hope, Inc  fly their own aircrafts. Most of the aircrafts are allowed 4-6 passengers, depending on the aircraft size. These aircrafts are smaller and are not jets.

How much notice is required for a flight request?

Wings Flights of Hope would like as much notice as possable for all flight requests.

  • New passengers...we do ask for 2 weeks notice of your request in order to process your request.
  • Exisiting passengers....we would like at least 1 weeks notice of your request.
  • Transplant need to have all of your requried documents submitted to Wings Flight in advance of your transplant. Allowing for us to provide the data to the pilots in advance. Please notify your transplant coordinator in advance that Wings Flights of Hope may be transporting you for your transplant.
  • Emergency Requests....We will do our best to accomodate emergency requests.

As always the more notice you allow us the more likely your flight request will get assigned to a volunteer pilot. Keep in mind all of the volunteer Wings Flight pilots are flying all missions on their own time. We never have any pilot sitting at the airport waiting to fly, they are all VOLUNTEERS and do the missions aaccording to their own personal schedules.

Is oxygen allowed on Wings flights?

Yes, oxygen is allowed on Wings Flights. Patients are allowed to use in flight.

Are Pilots on Call 24/7 ?

Yes, Wings Pilots are on call 24/7.

Our pilots easily accept missions via daily e-mails sent by our mission coordinators.

The pilots sign up for the missions that fit into their daily schedules.

All pilots that sign up for transplant missions are always ready to fly.

Can Wings fly Transplant Patients?

Yes. Wings fly transplant patients.

Wings Flight of Hope Inc. and our Wings pilots understand the importance of the the time frame when a patient is receiving an organ.

The patient will need to be set up with Wings Flight in order for the pilots to be prepared for when the patient "gets the call".

How is the Program Funded?

Wings Flights of Hope Inc. flights are financially supported by our pilots who fly the missions and by contributions from individuals, service clubs, social and religious groups and corporations. Wings Flights of Hope Inc. receives no financial aid from any governmental agency.

You may call 1-866-61-WINGS to donate.

All donations can be mailed to:
Wings Flights of Hope Inc.
PO Box 872
Orchard Park, New York 14127

or simply click on the Donate Now button on our website.

Can Wings fly persons not allowed on commercial flights?

Yes,  Wings can fly patients who are not allowed on commercial flights due to germs.

Wings pilots usually have smaller aircrafts, thus allowing for continued fresh air through out all flights.

How to qualify for a flight?

It is a very simply procedure to get registered with Wings.

If you can afford a commercial flight we would recommend this first.

You will need to fill out several forms including a doctors release form. Then all forms MUST be returned before any mission can be posted tot he pilots.

In cases where persons do not have the means or access to commercial flights, Wings may be able to provide air transportation.

There are some restrictions and requirements for all flights. 

You may call one of our mission coordinators to learn of all the restrictions and requirements.    1-866-61-WINGS

How Many Flights Can You Take?

 Wings Flights of Hope Inc. will fly people for as long as they need to complete their medical treatment.

Wings will fly all patients for all doctor appointments or medical treatments as well as  both pre-op and post-op as well as for the surgery they may be in need of.

There is NO limit on flights.

Who are The Pilots?

Wings Flight of Hope Inc. Pilots - Your heros.

All Wings pilots are volunteers.

They donate their time, plane, and all costs.

These pilots are simply putting their love and compassion of flying to good use by helping patients receive the medical care they are in need of.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is never a cost associated with Wings Flights of Hope Inc.

It is absolutely Free.

This is done by the amazing volunteer pilots being so generous to others

Wings will also fly family to visit loved ones, this is called a Compassion Flight.

Can patients bring family or friends?

Yes,  patients often bring a family member or friend.

There is never a fee for family members either.

WIngs Flight understands the stress that is associated with medical treatments and we always welcome a family member or friend to be with the patient to help ease their worries.