Who We Fly

Who We Fly  

It is the generosity of many pilots, businesses and individuals that aid in making these flight possible for so many.

Wings Flights are available to all that may need medical attention, including our troops.

Many of of our patients are children, however adults of all ages are also flown FREE of charge. All patients have the option to have family members join them on the flights, also FREE of charge.

Commerical flights often restrict patients from travel, due to germs and schedule. This is where Wings Flight can fly the patient as the aircrafts are continually taking in fresh air through the flights.

Patients are allowed to keep their oxygen with them and in use on all Wings Flights.

Wings Flights reguires that all passengers, including the patients, to be in stable condition, and able to get in and out of small aircrafts with little or no assistance, along with other restrictions, that will be reviewed upon your flight request.