Become a Pilot

For the operation of any single engine piston aircraft, the pilot shall have a minimum total time of 500 hours, with not less than 400 hours as pilot in command (PIC), 50 hours of such PIC time having been in the same make and model aircraft. For the operation of any multi-engine or turbine powered aircraft the pilot shall have a minimum total time as PIC of 1,000 hours, with a minimum of 250 hours in type for a twin-engine aircraft and 100 hours in type for a single engine turbine aircraft.

Each and every pilot shall have a currently valid medical certificate, a current BFR, and an instrument rating applicable to the aircraft to be flown by said pilot, and shall be current with applicable flight times and rules as set forth in the FARs. A minimum of 50 hours as PIC shall have been flown and logged within the 12 months immediately preceding the mission/flight. A minimum of 12 hours flown and logged during the previous 90 days is required.

No missions shall be flown in any aircraft unless that aircraft is properly registered, licensed, airworthy, and unless the total engine time is less than the manufacturers’ recommended number of hours before overhaul. A minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) liability insurance with not less than $100,000 per seat shall be in force on any aircraft to be used for any mission. Although not mandatory, all pilots are encouraged that their insurers name Wings as an additional name insured.

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